Friday, February 6, 2009

hey she smiles!!!!!!!

i bet u all must have heard about that  phrase....."hasi to fasi"......this is something ;we all guys get totally moved by.....ya i know its kind a like our own way of thinking and the hallucination we love to have.  are bhai,how can u say ke wo tuje dekh kar hasi.....wo tere bagal me baithe dude(dat will be me offcors..lolzzz)  ko dekhkar hasi hogi or may be she is laughing @ ur hair(you offcors).

yaar why we guys always run after girls(btw i also run after them). dont you know most of them only run after money(most guys think so)  and bradd pitt, can girls like a guy using pitt in his name???.....
but in my opinion,ladki kisi ke bhi peeche bhage,but khud to bhagti hi hai aur hume bhi bhagati hai......

yaar i am fed up of watching GIP girls @ my clg,dekh dekh kar pareshan ho gaya.......

chaman lal: abe red wali dekh kya lag rahi hai be(hey ...dat red top one is looking so wowwww).

tullu : abe ha  be....sahi lag rahi hai.....(yes dude...she is looking cool)

chaman lal: humara clg to modern hota ja raha hai....just like DU(our college is getting cool ...just like DU)

me : to kaun se jhande gar loge....jaise the waise hi rahoge....(u really think u can do something about that?)

don: abe mere dost ke to 6 gfs hai(my friend has got 6 gfs)

me: dukan khol rakhi hai kya??? ( has he opened any kind a shop??)

don: yaar wo bahut paise kharch karta hai(he spends lots of money on them)

me: hudd hai.....( dis is d limit)

me: udahr dekh langoor ke sath angoor ja raha hai(see that monkey is having fun with his banana)

chaman lal: ha yaar.....aur hume dekho......usse lakh guna ache hai...tabbi......(yes dude....and look @ us...we are thousand  times better than him ....but still....)

ye halat hai aajkal ke ladko(this is what we guys are facing 2day)
behind 1 girl atleast 4 guys are running.....and its getting worse day by day......

so please please keep bringing more and more beautiful girls so that guys like us can have some chance and our next generation doesnt have to face conditions like we are facing today...

"give equal importance to both girls and boys,i would say girls are more responsible,decisive,smart,loyal and static than boys.......and ya offcors they have got lots of patience as please stop killing unborn baby girls and stop such inhuman practices"

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