Friday, February 13, 2009

V - DAY...

happy v - day to couples 
gud luk to would be couples
and koi baat nahi day to singles;like me,enjoy with ur frnds.

advantages of being a single:

1. no gf no expenditure

2. no gf no jealousy.

3. no gf no need to look hot and flaunt muscles and roll up the collar

4. no gf no lies

5. no gf no need to stick to  only 1 girl

6. no gf no need of explanations

7. no gf no need to chew center fresh and keep Cs in your pocket

8. no gf no need to maintain alarm clock in mobile regarding her b'day and anniversaries

9. no gf no need to impose as a gentleman falsely(trust me its really difficult)

10. no gf no need to take warning calls from her parents

11. no gf no need to shout I LOVE YOU inside a jammed bus(its embarrsasing) gf no need to stop urself 4m appreciating an original beauty

13. no gf no need to always look in her eyes and lie "dey r beautiful".

14. no gf no need to taste her expired lipstick...yewwwww

15. no gf no need to say "i m not busy",although ur boss is dancing on your head


  1. mast hai hui na baat ...cheers to all the singles!!!!!!!!!!! tum jaise log hi to umeed jaga ke rakhte hain...warna ye ladkiyan to bas hamara jeena haraam karke rakhe hain

  2. yaar ye ladkiya hi to hai jo itna kuch dekhati hai aur wo bhi itna deep..m talking about dere atti yaar....dis is just a step to bring dem down to earth....cheers to singles......


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